Learn to Code With Me

Learn to Code With Me

Brand Consistency

Client: Laurence Bradford


Laurence is the creator of Learn to Code With Me, a great and successful blog full of resources to help people learn how to code.

Laurence contacted me at the end of 2015 to help her create images for her blog and for social media. She already had a logo and the main color palette but she was missing a cohesive look between all her images and marketing materials.

We started with some templates for her blog post images with different backgrounds and patterns but all with a common and recognizable style. This style, in addition to using the main assets of the brand, should maintain a friendly and approachable character. She still uses them today.

Since then I created for her all kind of imagery and templates for her posts, social media, eBooks, pdf deliverables, landing pages, her new podcast cover and episode templates and sure that I forget something.

Working with her is great and I’ve learned a lot in the process. And she was the one that finally got me to learn some code, something I was putting off and I’ll always be grateful for.

In the images below you can see some examples of the post images, landing pages, PDF eBooks and podcast episode images.

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