Doris Soro

Doris Soro / Interiorismo & Arquitectura

Brand Identity

Client: Doris Soro

Doris Soro is an Interior Designer with years of experience. After some changes on her business, she was willing to change her brand identity and her website to better reflect those changes.

As she said “I want people to understand the philosophy with which I approach my projects. Also, differentiate me from the rest. I do not like the flat image of an architect that many people use, trying to look like them as if our profession were less.”

Based on her target audience, she needed a professional and elegant logotype, with character. We also tried to reflect the technical part of her work, very important to her, so the chosen typeface is geometric and clean but with an Art Decó touch that adds that special character and from an art period that she loves.

For the same reasons, the color palette avoids colors generally considered too feminine.

She looks delicate, fragile but strong at the same time and that’s what the logo tries to reflect.

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